We’re committed to doing the best we can for the environment within the realms of what is both affordable and possible for us to do while maintaining your comfort during your stay.

This means:

  • During the Summer we generate much of our hot water with solar energy thanks to the panel on the south-facing roof.
  • We buy our cleaning products in bulk where possible to minimise unnecessary plastic waste and we’re careful what we use and where we source it from.
  • The large appliances in the house all have at least an A energy rating.
  • Our renovations to the house were designed to retain as much a heat as possible in winter and keep the house cool and airy in summer. The dining room and two larger bedrooms are all internally insulated within the walls and the Creg Lea’s roof was replaced in 2017 at which time it was fully insulated as well.
  • The shed, while rough and ready, is predominately built with reclaimed wood.

If you have ideas as to how we can continue to minimise our impact on the environment then let us know and we’ll see if we can integrate it into how we work.